Have you met my friend, Kat? Allow me to introduce you…

So that last statement isn’t exactly literal. She doesn’t pull back the covers, turn on the lights and pass me a steaming mug all the way from Texas. However.

Helping Women All Over North America Stop Pushing That Snooze Button

See, Kat realized several years ago that when she got up in the mornings, before her children, she had time to spend with the Lord. In quiet. In prayer. In the Word. Praying for her children. Prepared to begin her day well, and not just as a grumpy mom that had been rudely awakened.

She began to look forward to her time in the mornings, and found that it made her a better mom and gave her the time that she needed to cultivate her relationship with the Lord. She began to exercise as well, and enjoyed the time to quietly reflect and just be by herself, before the day really got going. She even wrote a free ebook on the topic.

About a year ago (I believe), she and Michelle put together the first Maximize Your Mornings Challenge.

They grouped women together according to time zone, what time they wanted to wake up at, whether they wanted to use Facebook, Twitter or email. And Hello Mornings was born.

Why I’m Passionate About This Challenge

I have known for so many years that when I get up early, spend time with the Lord, spend time exercising, prepare myself for the day… I’m a better mom. I’m more at peace. My days tend to run more smoothly and calmly.

The challenge that I’ve had is making myself do it, consistently. Sure, I can do it for a few days, a few weeks. Then I get tired and I started to give up. I wake up early less frequently and I fall out of the habit.

There is something about the accountability of a group of ladies, also getting up early along with me, that spurs me on.

I was a part of the recent Hello Mornings challenge this May-August. Although I had a few bumps in the road and wasn’t consistent like I wanted to be (trip to the Philippines only a few weeks in, then getting pregnant and going through 1st trimester sickness and fatigue), I was so grateful for the group. I could tell that, in any other season of life, this group could actually help me to stick to my goals of making my mornings count.

None of us were perfect. We all had mornings where we slept in, or struggled to wake up early. We would get off track, then work hard to get back on track. We prayed for each other, encouraged each other, and we all just kept fighting for it, together.

I was so delighted to learn that a new challenge is starting up in September. I signed up immediately, and now that I’m through 1st trimester and have more energy again, I am fully committed to getting up early every morning and being accountable to my group. In fact, I can’t wait for it to begin!

Want to Join Hello Mornings?

The fall session runs from September 15- December 15. You can sign up for it here.

I guarantee that you won’t regret it. There are no requirements, such as everyone must wake up at 5:30 or if you miss too many mornings, you’re out. It’s about making your own personal wake-up commitment that works for you and your season of life, and then doing your best to stick with it, having the help and encouragement of other women trying to do the same.

I’ll definitely be there. I hope you’ll join us!

So, how are your mornings really going for you? Are they a challenge? A success?

Top image by gui.tavares