Though I haven't talked about it a whole lot (yet), I'm not really a fan of vaccinations. Tonight I read something that I just felt I needed to pass on. Sometimes I try to be all nicey-nice and not just say what I really think, but here's what I was thinking tonight as I was reading this article:

The HPV vaccine (intended to prevent cervical cancer and aimed at teens and young women) is not only worthless, but it is extremely dangerous! Avoid it like the plague!

Phew… that felt good. I'm so glad I got it out. I've been thinking it for quite some time.

Although this article comes from a source that I'm not particularly thrilled with these days (oh, don't get me started on why… negativity, extremism, constantly trying to sell me his extremely expensive products, frou-frou emotional healing techniques that ignore our need for Christ… as I said, don't get me started), I felt it had enough worthwhile information to want to link to it. Please, spare yourself and avoid the comments below the article (if you start reading them, you'll see why).