So, I'm not really. Getting gray hairs that is. But apparently somebody thinks I am!

While I was making lunch, Abbie and I were in the kitchen playing "I spy" together. Here's the part of our game that I found particularly disconcerting:

Me- "Ok Abbie, it's your turn to spy something".

Abbie- " I spy with my little eye something that is gray."

Me- "Gray… hmmm, I can't see anything gray. Is it the heater?"

Abbie- "No Mommy, that's not gray, it's silver."

Me- "Oh, of course it is. Gosh, what else in the kitchen is gray?"

Abbie- "I think your hair is gray, Mommy. It looks gray to me!" (said with a big grin)

Me- "WHAT??? Mommy's hair is not gray. It's brown. It's not even gray at all! Why do you think it's gray?"

Abbie- "I don't know. It just looks gray to me."

Me- "Well, it isn't! Don't say that Mommy's hair is gray, ok? Because it isn't. It's not going to be gray for a long time!"

Do you think I'll get one just from that conversation alone? Sheesh! Gray hair! The lighting in the kitchen must be really bad.

I'm hoping to follow in my Nana's footsteps. Her hair stayed brown so long that she eventually got gray highlights to look closer in age to my Papa's salt-and-pepper hair! I'm claiming good genes.