Written by Shannon, Contributing Writer

All year long we are inundated with advertisements, marketing campaigns, and articles that try to teach us how to be healthier. At the New Year this wellness parade reaches a fevered pitch with resolutions being made and everyone trying to undo the overindulgence of the past month.

And then there is that word “wellness” used by all sorts of alternative and mainstream medicine camps. Some of these camps define wellness as the absence of disease. Others claim it is some sort of feeling of overall health in body, mind, and spirit. Still others are constantly seeking and promoting “longevity”.

What Is Missing?

What a lot of this does, particularly that last one, is to leave God’s sovereignty out of the picture. What peace there is in knowing that God knows the moment of our birth, our death, and the contents of every day in between.

So does that mean that we eat, drink, and live however indulgently we’d like because we are not the ones determining the day of our death?

The short answer is no.

We will not extend our life unless it is God’s will. We will not live disease-free unless it is God’s will. God is sovereign over all matters of life, death, and health. And He is to be praised in all of the above.

Living (and eating) in Accordance with His Will

But we do have responsibilities. God is a God of order. He has created foods that are designed to nourish the body. These are foods without labels – foods from the ground and properly stewarded animals. Foods that glorify God and not man.

In writing Simple Food {for winter} it became more evident than ever just how intertwined the nourishment of the body and God’s command to “study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you” are. When we are not living simply in connection to our every day sustenance, we can not properly nourish our bodies or our minds.

When you cut out the middle man and count on God’s provisions directly from the soil, it is Him that is glorified. And so perhaps it is in that pursuit of Him and a simpler life that we can define wellness.

How do you define wellness?

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