In light of the conversation the other day surrounding a woman’s ability to minister, while keeping her priority on serving her family from within the home, I thought it would be valuable to explore this topic in a more practical way.

It’s easy to say that we should be serving and loving others through our homes and families, but it’s quite another thing to know how to do that (and yet another to actually do it!). Because it’s so easy to get philosophical and idealistic while blogging (and blog reading), let’s talk about what this can look like in everyday life.

This is a very challenging area for me, and I often feel so inadequate in the ways that I am reaching out to those around me. I hesitate to share any ideas from my own life because I long to grow in this way and to do so much more, as I learn to let the Gospel radiate through my life and my actions. However, these are a few ideas from our own family, of the types of things that we have done or would like to grow in doing:

  • build lasting, faithful relationships with the lost- especially those that lack other strong relationships (no family or broken relationships)- inviting them into our lives, homes, holiday celebrations, etc.
  • show kindness and generosity to those who are hurting, in need or going through difficult seasons of life (a meal, a gift certificate, a card of encouragment letting them know you are praying, bringing groceries, house cleaning, etc.)
  • support a ministry or missionary, and encourage your children to become involved, in writing letters, praying, sending a care package or gift, raising or saving money.
  • get to know your neighbors- establish friendships with them, invite them over, just enjoy them and time spent with them
  • open our homes to those needing a place to stay- a single mother, a visiting pastor or missionary, ESL or exchange students

Here’s what I would like to do… would you be willing to share the things that you and your family have done and are doing, to share the love of Christ with those around you? Let’s fill up the comments with your ideas for how we, as homemakers and mothers, can serve the poor and needy, befriend the lost, use our homes for hospitality, teach our children to serve, all the while keeping our focus on our God-given roles and responsibilities? I know that you have so many valuable things to share- I eagerly look forward to reading your comments!

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