Note from Ann: Father’s Day is here and it’s time to celebrate! This weekly links roundup is full of amazing stuff, such as a FREE Essential Oils Giveaway, Health Tips, and Advice to help you get well and balanced. Enjoy your weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!



Healing Your Liver Can Heal Your Thyroid

Great read about your thyroid. Did you know that balancing your blood sugar will help stop the stress? Who knew?

Summer Survival Tips for Working Moms

Love everything about this post: have a routine, have plan and make things simple, including dinner. We are all about a plan and simple-living!

Keeper of the Home: 17 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Looking for awesome Father’s Day gift ideas? We’ve pulled together 17 gifts the dads in your life are sure to love…and you will love them too! 🙂

Looking for awesome Father's Day gift ideas? We've pulled together 17 gifts the dads in your life are sure to love...and you will love them too! :)

Shop now for Dad!

Remembering That Everyone Is Fighting a Battle

This couldn’t be more true, especially this: “Because the truth is we’re all broken in one way or another”. It’s this thing called life. Great read!

Best Background Noise for Sleeping So You Can Wake Up Rested!

We are all about sleep. These are some great ideas for a better sleep.

Worried about oils? Wondering how to use them? These safety tips for essential oils are a great introduction for those new to them (or important reminders).

How To Take Your Low Energy From Blah To Fantastic!

Hint: EAT Whole Foods! We’re saving this post.

Real Deals: FREE Essential Oils Giveaway and Father’s Day Celebration Sale

Pinterest Highlight: Summer Treats

Summer time…when things slow down and the weather warms up! The perfect time to create cool treats to tantalize the taste buds.