As a mom who delays solids, nurses for an extended period of time and offers nighttime nursing for most of the first year, my cycle takes its sweet time returning.

However, I know that this isn’t the case for every mom. I hear anecdotally from a lot of moms that even frequent nursing or nighttime nursing does not prevent their cycle from coming back, and plenty of moms conceive again when their baby is under a year old (and sometimes even less than 6 months old).

This often surprises me, because what I have read about the nursing hormone prolactin is that it should suppress the other hormones required for a woman’s menstrual cycle to return. In theory, this means that during the early months and even the first year when nursing is baby’s primary form of nourishment, she shouldn’t be able to conceive again. Theoretically speaking.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore the actual statistics of regular moms, to find out at what point and under what circumstances their own cycle returned? Inquiring minds want to know. Or at least, mine does.

So, I decided to conduct my own very formal and official survey. :)

It would be too complex to add too many more fields to the survey. I kept the survey relatively simplistic, which means that I won’t be able to accurately take into account special circumstances, like a mom or baby being sick, going on vacation without baby for a period of time, a season of high stress in the mom’s life, etc.

Would you fill out my survey and help to satisfy this curious little brain of mine?

Please take my survey!

I promise, I will share the results of the survey with you all!

Any guesses as to what my survey will discover? What do you think about the breastfeeding/Fertility relationship?

Image by Daquella Manera