**Quite some time ago, I agreed to submit a story to the Sweet Wonders community page at Baby Purity.com. This is my story, of how we dealt with some health issues when our daughter, Abigail, was a baby. To read some more from other moms, make sure you check out the Sweet Wonders link above.**

When our first child was around 14 mths old, we noticed that she had been slowly developing little patches of eczema on the back of her legs and arms. Shortly after, this also began to translate into bum rashes, full of red, painful little bumps everywhere. It was awful. I had no idea what to do.

We first began trying to deal with the bum rash by taking her to see a doctor. Big mistake. He asked nothing, and simply prescribed. A little sheet of paper produced a vial of cortisone cream that sent my poor, sweet baby into crying fits of hysteria. It must have burned so badly on her sensitive skin. The only thing we could do was immerse her in a tub of lukewarm water with oatmeal until the cream washed off and the pain subsided. Never, ever again!

Instead, I got on the phone with my Mother-in-Law (naturally minded as I am, but far more advanced in her knowledge!) and we began to put our heads together and come up with a solution. From what we could tell, it seemed to be a Candida (yeast) rash. So how do you kill yeast?

We combined grapeseed extract and colloidal silver to give her orally, because both have strong anti-yeast and anti-bacterial properties.  We also gave her probiotic powder to take in her food, to help rebalance her intestinal flora with good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. We used a naturally made (Burt's Bees) diaper cream to soothe her
bottom, and sprinkled probiotic powder (taken from capsules) on top of

So did it work? Within about a week, the rash was much, much better, to my great relief. Within two weeks, it was completely gone!

Next, we went to work on the eczema. We took her to a Naturopath, assuming that there were likely food allergies or sensitivities that we didn't know about, even though we had been very conservative in how carefully we introduced new foods to her.

She received a Vega test, which indicates reactions to different foods, and we discovered that not only did she have sensitivities, but she already had a Candida yeast overgrowth in her body (something that most North Americans have, due to our poor diet and excess sugar intake).

The Naturopath placed her on a strict diet for 4 weeks, along with giving her some anti-yeast supplements and a very high quality probiotic. We took her off of nearly all grains, yeast, cow's dairy, sugar of any kind (even natural sugars), citrus fruits and strawberries, and a few vegetables she tested sensitive to (there might have been more than that, but it's been 3 years, so my memory is getting a bit hazy).

When she returned for testing after the 4 weeks, I was amazed to see that the Candida was completely gone, although a few sensitivities remained. To this day, we do our best to avoid wheat for her (though as she gets holder, she can handle small amounts), to keep sugars very minimal (and stick to natural sweeteners), and give her only raw, grass-fed milk or cultured organic dairy products, in addition to an overall very healthy, balanced diet consisting entirely of whole foods (nothing processed!).We have also opted out of all vaccinations, and completely avoid conventional medicine (she has never had a single antibiotic or prescription for anything, though we would allow it if there was a more life-threatening illness, of course).

 The rash did try to creep up one more time shortly after and we immediately restricted her diet for a couple more weeks and put her back onto the regimen of grapeseed extract, colloidal silver and probiotics. It was gone after a week, and we never had a problem with it again.

Today, she has recently turned 4 and is incredibly healthy. She rarely gets sick, has had no outbreaks of eczema whatsoever, learns quickly, sleeps well, has boundless energy and is a joy to be with!

What's your story?  How have using good nutrition and natural alternatives to conventional medicine have helped your family to overcome illness and grow in good health?