Shower filter A couple of months ago, I finally made a purchase that I'd had my eye on for quite some time… a shower filter! (I know, I know, the things that excite me!)

The point of a shower filter is to get rid of the chlorine that is pretty much standard in tap water all over North America. Most of us are aware that consuming chlorine is not good for us, and therefore use water filters in our kitchens to remove the chlorine from the water that we drink.

What you may not have considered is that the chlorine is also able to enter our bodies through that large and very porous organ we call our skin! Particularly when in a warm or hot shower, the pores in our skin open up and absorb even greater quantities of everything in the shower, especially the chlorine! Additionally, we inhale the chlorine that is released as a gas while we shower.

In addition to simply avoiding this toxin, I was really hopeful that using a filter would help with the eczema and very dry skin that I constantly battle on my hands. After using my filter for about a month now, I am happy to say that I have been dealing with considerably less eczema than usual! This is pretty amazing to me, considering that we're having a hot and dry summer here, I'm pregnant and struggling to stay well-hydrated, and that I've been doing oodles of gardening (which usually makes my skin worse). As an added bonus, some recent dry scalp/dandruff issues I'd been having seem to have disappeared and my hair is softer!

The filter that I chose is from Amazon, and it's called the New Wave Enviro Shower Filter. Lindsay recommended it on her blog a while back, and after looking into a bit I felt that it was definitely worth a try, considering how reasonable the price was. The filter itself is $33.00, and the replacement filter is only $24.00. The filter will need to be replaced once a year, so that makes it really quite affordable!

Now I am considering what to get for our kids bathroom, especially because both of my children seem to be quite sensitive to chlorine as well. I'm thinking of trying out a Rainshow'r Crystal Bath Ball Dechlorinator
(which is basically a ball with a built-in filter that you swish around in the bath water to remove chlorine). The price is right, but I'm not convinced that it works all that well or that it's the most practical option. I also just stumbled upon another filter while writing this post, called the Bath Ball Water Faucet Filter, which actually fits onto the bath faucet. It's definitely a bit pricier, but it looks much more effective and easy to use. Hmmm…

Do you use a shower filter? If so, have you found that it has made much of a difference? Any thoughts on the different types of filters?