Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies, for the incredible response to the "Name my Ebook" contest! I was amazed at the number of interesting and relevant names you came up with, and choosing the finalists was no easy task, let me tell ya!

These 9 names were selected by my husband and I after much discussion. Although we will make the absolute, ultimate name choice, your opinion in the poll will be so helpful to us in narrowing them down even further!

If you have any other suggestions, such as liking only the title but not the subtitle, or thinking that one title would go better with a different subtitle, etc. I would love to hear those thoughts in the comments section! Any input is good input!

I'm not sure whether I can actually close down the poll when I'm finished with it or not, but I will take the results from it as of Saturday night at 5 pm. 

Happy Voting!