Though I'm no longer lamenting the loss of my raw milk, the issue is far from over.

Some changes have been made within our local cow share to help to protect it's ability to operate and provide us shareholder's with our milk. We can no longer pick it up from a cooler space rented from a local health food store, but instead must get it from a fellow shareholder's home, where a fridge has been added to make it a depot. The lids have changed, stating that this raw milk is "Not for Sale" and that it is the "Property of Shareholder", furthering the legality of how it is being made available.

Our province's local newspaper, The Province (well, what else would you call a provincial newspaper?), covered the story just recently and I was surprised to see their favorable take on the situation (as in, favorable and sympathetic towards those of us who want the right to have raw milk).