Welcome to Keeper of the Home! 

My name is Stephanie, and I am blessed to be the proud wife of Ryan, and the delighted mother of two incredible children (so far), Abigail (Nov/04) and Caden (May/07). We pray that God will bless us with many more children in the years to come. We currently make our home in the Vancouver, Canada area.

As for myself and this site, God is taking me on a journey, from being raised in a broken, primarily non-Christian home, to learning of the abundant riches that He has for me, as a wife, mother and (aspiring) godly woman.

Through this journey,  I have begun to earnestly study nutrition and natural living, becoming convinced that as Christians we have an obligation to honor our bodies and the earth that God has given us dominion over. My husband and I have made it a priority to get out of debt and to frugally and carefully steward the money that God has given us. I have spent much time learning the domestic arts that I did not learn as a young girl, how to cook, bake, clean my house, care for babies, and manage my time at home efficiently. I am learning to be my husband’s help-meet, to submit to his leadership over our family, and to support him in whatever ways that I can (oh, I have so much to learn in this still!). Through my amazing new church I am learning solid, reformed doctrine, the centrality of the Gospel in my life, of Biblical womanhood, of modesty, of my husband’s and my responsibility to train up our children in the Lord. We are beginning to home educate our precious children, as we recognize that discipling our children requires constant attention, faithful and loving instruction, and careful shepherding and guiding of their hearts, their minds and their activities. We are more and more aware that our home should be central in our ministry, as we witness to those yet to know Christ, and as we show love and hospitality to those around us. Most of all, I am learning to cherish the role that God has given me as a woman, as a child of His, as a wife and mother,  and as a keeper of my home.


(Please contact me at keeperofthehome(at)canada(dot)com- I’d love to hear from you!)