Short and sweet, here’s what I’m doing this week. Still have food in the fridge to use up, so that’s what my menu plan is based on! After two weeks of basically no grocery shopping, I should have a nice clean fridge by next Monday!

Monday: Salmon, qunioa, steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Chicken stirfry

Wednesday: Salmon kebabs (peppers and onions) with brown rice

Thursday: Maui Ribs (from a mini-side of beef I just bought- these look soooo good!), baked potatoes and veggies.

Friday: South of the Border Pie

Saturday: Sausage, pepper, potato and onion fry (this is the easiest meal ever- I just chop everything up and fry it in a pan with some seasonings like Spike, and voila- a fast and easy dinner!)

Sunday: Cream of Tomato soup with bread (my standard recipe I like, with a few variations, like butter, homemade broth, etc.)

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