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3) Do you have the insulin problem (insulin resistance) and if so, how do you deal with it?

do have insulin issues, although mine are not as pronounced as some
women's. This may be because I have been able to maintain a healthy
weight, ever since I began to drop the junk foods I had been accustomed
to eating and turned my diet to focus on whole foods instead. I think
that keeping my weight maintained is crucial for improvement with
insulin resistance.

Other things that I have done, or would recommend for those who especially struggle with this area are:

  • Avoid all refined sugars and grains, as these are the worst offenders for insulin and blood sugar imbalances
  • When eating anything with sweeteners, even natural sweeteners,
    eat some protein and/or fat with it (such as a piece of cheese, a few
    spoonfuls of yogurt, a glass of milk, a handful of nuts or seeds) at
    the same time, as this helps to maintain more steady blood sugar
  • Try using supplements such as Chromium and Cinnamon (both readily
    available at any health food store), which support healthy blood sugar
    and insulin levels
  • Get active! I notice that I have more difficulty with my blood
    sugar balance during seasons when I am less active, such as in the
    winter. Any sort of exercise or activity is beneficial, whether it's
    going to the gym or for runs, or simply taking a walk or doing some
    gardening (or even vigorous housework!). Every little bit helps, and the more regular, the better.

4) What advise would you give me to treat PCOS naturally?

My biggest pieces of advice would be to:

  1. Avoid conventional/pharmaceutical treatments, such as birth control
    pills or Metformin or others. I do know some people who have used Metformin
    briefly to start getting their insulin under control and begin to lose
    some weight, and then get off of it once they have seen some progress.
    This is one way to use Metformin more sensibly, although I
    cannot think of any way that birth control pills will contribute to
    long term healing or balance. Generally, I would say to avoid these and
    instead begin to pour your efforts into lifestyle changes.
  2. Begin with your diet. Here are my Top 3 nutritional changes
    that I would recommend to anyone starting out and looking for a few
    things to begin to change. Some great reads to get your going are The Maker's Diet
    and Nourishing Traditions,
    which will help to explain a lot of the why's behind what they are
    suggesting. Don't expect to make all of the changes at once, but pick
    one or two things and get started!
  3. Try to find a reputable Naturopath. There are so many wonderful
    supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc. out there that can
    really make a difference, but unless you have a lot of time to spend
    really digging into the research yourself, it can be a bit overwhelming
    at first. By seeing someone who works with these issues regularly, you
    reap the benefits of their experience and recommendations and it gives
    you a great starting place.
  4. Bring it before the Lord. We don't deal with this on our own, but
    only with the help and grace of our good God, who knows us and our
    bodies intricately. I am grateful to God for the teaching and resources
    that He has brought my way, and also for the continual reminders to
    bring all of my efforts back into submission to Him. I am learning to
    trust Him as my Healer, and not myself or anything natural that I do.

Now that I'm getting back into this series a bit, are there any particular concerns or questions that you would like to have answered? I definitely do not have all the answers, but I'll try my best!