I'm off to the kids swap meet this morning, to finish up the very last few items on their spring/summer/fall lists, and to hopefully find some cute short-sleeved maternity tops for myself. Just last weekend I finally got around to picking up my cheque from the consignment store where I was attempting to sell some of my clothes I was getting rid of, and was pleased to get $27 that I'll use for buying shirts. Not bad, for clothes I didn't want, that I let someone else sell for me!

After lunch, we're heading to Washington, to visit some dear friends in beautiful Birch Bay. We'll spend much of Saturday and Sunday with them, visiting, eating, letting our children play together, swimming, beach walking, etc. Sounds wonderful to me!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend yourself, and enjoy a few links that I've appreciated lately:

Names of jesus easter garland

Names of Jesus Garland for Easter– @ The Homespun Heart
I loved her idea at Christmas time (similar, but slightly different names and colors), and when I saw this a couple of weeks ago I thought this was such a beautiful craft to be done with little ones, to help both them and us to remember and celebrate His life, death and resurrection!

5 Tips for Balancing Hormones– @ Cheeseslave
This is an especially good read for anyone with PCOS, but even for anyone with hormone-related issues. I am always thrilled to hear how dietary changes have helped other women to improve hormone-related conditions!

Parents Buying Guide- Safety Guide to Children's Personal Care Products– @ EWG
I found this link through their Enviroblog, which was discussing some particularly concerning ingredients that have shown up in baby products. The buying guide is excellent, and I was so relieved to see that the products we are using for our children all rank well. Phew!

What to Plant Now– @ Mother Earth News
Simply click on your region of the country (I'm Canadian, but my region is virtually the same as the Pacific Northwest), to discover which crops you can be planting now, either inside or outside or transplanting. In teh same vein, another excellent resource for this that I love to use is the online Famer's Almanac (look under Gardening).

Best Deals for Moms of Young Children– @ GirlTalk
Nope, they're not talking about frugality. Rather, this is a several week series on how to make the best uses of your time when you are mothering little ones. What priorities to focus on, things to remind yourself of, excellent parenting resources (I highly second all their recommendations!), verses to reflect on… I've linked to the entire month of March, so just sift your way through and be encouraged, mamas!

100 Different Ways to Save $100 This Year– @ Money Saving Mom
I thought this was such a great concept for a series. Crystal is working her way through 100 different ways, posting about 3-4 of them at a time. Some of the suggestions I already do, some it's great to be reminded of, a few aren't applicable, and a few of things I've never thought of before and could try implementing. Overall, it's a great series to keep an eye on!