Nesting much?

I did this last week (completely emptying, washing, re-filling and neatly labeling all of my spices and herbs), along with a whole slew of other cleaning and organizing tasks. It may be a bit over the top, but it does make me smile to see how pretty it looks.

I need some more distraction, though! It is swelteringly hot here (we're in the midst of an unusually hot heatwave this week), and even though I would normally not mind waiting out my due date or even beyond, I am just so ready for this baby to come so that I can cool off just a little! I'm officially due in about a week, so in reality I don't have that long to go, but the days are dragging by right now.

So just for fun, can I get you ladies to entertain me a little?

I'd love to hear the wacky things you've done while nesting, crazy techniques you've tried to induce labor, or simply funny stories about labor and birth!

Ready, set, make me laugh!