Ahh… there's nothing like making a big oversight in what you thought was a well-researched and informationally correct post to keep a blogger humble. :)

I goofed in my Baby Steps post on beans. In fact, I've been goofing in my bean cooking these past couple of years and I didn't even know it!

I thought that I was doing it right, just like all of my vegetarian cookbooks told me, soaking in water overnight, then cooking the beans the next day, and skimming off the foam.

However, somehow, in the umpteen times I've read Nourishing Traditions, I missed a very important step! Beans have phytic acid, just like grains, and although soaking in water is helpful, the water should be acidic (or occasionally alkaline, depending on the bean) to thoroughly neutralize the phytic acid. Thanks to Susan, who helpfully pointed this out to me!

If you'd like more info, I found this article on the topic at Weston Price this morning. I've edited my post on cooking dried beans to include this updated information, and I hope you'll all forgive me for giving you the wrong info! See, once again, soooooo very human! But hey, at least I learned something new, right?