Cluttered house
In conversations of late between my husband and I, one of the resounding themes that keeps coming is that we just have too much "stuff"!

Now, I don't think that most people who visited my home would feel that it was terribly cluttered or knick-knacky, or that we were bursting at the seams.

However, it was a little less than a year ago that we moved from an 1100 sq. ft. 2 BR condo, into a fairly sprawling 3 BR, with an extra family room and dining room, house (complete with yard and double garage). I don't know the square footage, but my guess is over 1600, not including storage space or the downstairs laundry room.

How is it possible that in such a short time, we have filled this house up??? When we first moved in, I didn't know what we would fill the family room or secondary dining room with, let alone the garage. I can now see what we've filled it with, but I'm just not quite sure how it happened!

Suffice it to say that I feel motivated to just get rid of a lot of it. I remarked to Ryan the other day that I am starting to feel more like a stuff manager than a homemaker. I have to spend 15 minutes each morning and each afternoon just tidying and returning things to their proper place so that I can even feel that the house is somewhat in order so that I can try to be productive.

One of the themes that has been popping up all over the blogosphere lately (at least, my little corner of the Christian mommy world), has been one little word… simplicity.

Ahhh… simplicity.

Oh, how I long for my home to feel more simple to care for, for life to feel less busy and complex, and to have more energy and time left to focus on what is far more important– my relationship with God and with others.

I suppose that is why this article stood out to me this weekend:

Excess consumption is practically an American religion. But as anyone
with a filled-to-the-gills closet knows, the things we accumulate can
become oppressive. With all this stuff piling up and never quite
getting put away, we're no longer huddled masses yearning to breathe
free; we're huddled masses yearning to free up space on a countertop.
Which is why people are so intrigued by the 100 Thing Challenge, a
grass-roots movement in which otherwise seemingly normal folks are
pledging to whittle down their possessions to a mere 100 items.

          Read the entire article here. (Hat tip to Shannon)

Now, I'm not so sure that we could get down to 100 things, nor that I even want to try. I do relate, though, to that yearning to breathe free and clear up some space.

I've decided to have another garage sale (even though I just had one last September), and I am going to try to be really brutal as I purge and cleanse my house. I'm setting the date now, so that I can be held accountable by having told all of you!

My sale will be held July 19, smack dab in between our two sets of homestay students that we will be hosting. It gives me almost 4 weeks to get everything together, advertise, see if any neighbors want to join in and just make sure that I am well organized. I am actually really looking forward to this, and the money will go into an account for something that I am eager to tell you about soon!

Does anyone else relate to what I'm talking about? How have you dealt with clutter and the tendency to accumulate stuff? Are you interested in joining me in an effort to really declutter and simplify my house, and our lives in general? Wanna cheer each other on?

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