Today I received my co-op order, and I was so disappointed to find that only 3 out of about 15 packs of heirloom seeds arrived. I suppose they were so popular that they sold out (which I can completely understand- they were an exceptional price and sounded just amazing!). For a very quick explanation of heirloom seeds, read this short article.

Normally I would just re-order next month, but I can’t really wait a month or more to start many of my indoor seedlings, so tonight I have done a bit of looking around for some online heirloom seed stores. Here are a few I found that look good:

Heirloom Seeds– the prices seem to be really good at first glance, many organic seeds

Seed Savers Exchange– Price seem fairly comparable, lots of great photos of the different varieties

Heirloom Seedsmen– Some photos, sell some seeds in bulk quantities

Anyone know of any other great companies? I’d love to hear about them!

And just for fun, a few other sites that I ran across:

Old Fashioned Living– cooking, homemaking, gardening, homemaking, celebrations, frugality, etc.

The Official Square Foot Gardening Site

Vegetables Varieties for Gardeners– Which varieties are best for your garden?

Can you tell I’m getting excited about gardening season?!?!? How about you? How are your garden preparations coming along?