tips for staying hydrated (including when sick).
How much water do we usually need, and how much extra for pregnancy (and why)
also for including enough water in your day (reminding myself!)
-make interesting beverages that encourage you to drink (stevia lemonade, iced herbal teas, etc.)
-fill up large containers with water, so you know how much you've had
-try to drink more in the morning

Link to guest post on hydration- it says much of it

It was easy for me first prgnancy- I was teaching, just kept water bottle with me at all times, and I wanted to drink because I was talking all day. Second time around wasn't so bad either- just made a conscious effort to keep a large glass of water around all the time, tried to keep track of how much I had, etc.

This time, I just plain old forget. I hit 4pm and realize I've only had a smoothie and two glasses of water- definitely not enough! I try to get more in once I realize but this inevitably leads to multiple pee breaks through the night, making my sleep less restful (and who knows when the dreaded insomnia will hit again).

How I'm goign to work to improve this:
tips above
make a tally sheet to go on fridge or in my planner

How do you make sure that you're staying well-hydrated? What are your little tricks for ensurign that you get enough water and liquids in each day?