Pregnant woman We’re often quick to talk about the difficulties of pregnancy, but one thing that is so helpful in having a wonderful, healthy pregnancy is simply maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude!

I really appreciated Crystal’s focus on choosing joy during her last pregnancy:

However, the last two pregnancies I spent a lot of time wishing I could fast-forward to the end of the nine months–or at least to the end of the first twenty weeks. Wish as I might, though, there is no fast forward button on life. I can either muddle through this difficult season with a grumbling attitude, or I can choose, by God’s grace, to embrace today–nausea and all!
And so, I’ve landed upon a new motto for this pregnancy: “Embrace today!”

Choosing to cheerfully endure and make the most of this season won’t necessarily mean that it goes by any quicker or with less nausea, but a joyful spirit in the midst of it certainly won’t hurt anything!

I struggle many days with the challenges of pregnancy, just like most of you do. I have blessedly healthy pregnancies, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy, comfortable or fun. Though I do as much as I can to stay healthy, there are still many discomforts and challenges. Some days are downright hard, and I can find it easy to want to throw a little pity party for myself or complain about how I’m feeling.

But the fact is, despite it’s challenges, pregnancy is a blessed state! A wise mom of 6 reminded me early on in this pregnancy that to be pregnant is to be blessed among women. I couldn’t agree more!

Let’s practice cultivating an attitude of joy and thankfulness in our pregnancies, and do our best to embrace the season that we are in!

My challenge for you is to think through and focus on one or more of the things that you enjoy about pregnancy, or it’s blessings, or simply it’s outcome (hmm, that’s an easy one!).

For me, here are a few:

  • Feeling my sweet baby move inside of me. There’s nothing quite like it!
  • Anticipating the arrival of baby- that wonderful time of “almost but not quite yet” (kind of like being engaged!)
  • The fact that, unlike many other disorders or physical challenges, this season has a very definite end in sight! That makes it so much easier to endure, doesn’t it?
  • Developing that adorable, early baby bump. I think cute little baby bumps are just beautiful, and it’s so fun to announce to the world that you’re expecting!
  • Sharing the joy of it with my other children and helping them cultivate a love for their new sibling.
  • One from a dear friend of mine- she just loved being really obviously pregnant, and the happy, approving looks that she would get whenever she went out in public!

It’s your turn! What do you love about pregnancy? Which aspects are the most joyful or enjoyable for you?

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