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There’s something about the New Year that offers such a fresh start. It always feel to me like a perfect time to make some changes, try something new, or set some goals for myself.

I love that I’m not alone in this. Whether we like to call them “resolutions” or not, most of us choose some areas which we’d like to focus on as we complete one year and move into the next. For some of us, it’s to become more organized (and if so, you should definitely stick around here this month!). For others, it’s to get up earlier each morning and make exercise and time spent with the Lord a regular part of their day. For many, it’s health-related changes, whether that means getting rid of not-so-great foods, improving nutrition with better foods, learning new cooking skills, eliminating toxins in the home, or switching to more organics or natural products.

I definitely have a few goals of my own. The upcoming organization series on my blog is certainly not happening because I’m already an expert in that area! I can use all the help and motivation I can get!

What are your goals for the New Year? Do better nutrition and more natural and sustainable living sound like things you aspire to this coming year?

healthy homemaking book coverMy book, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time was actually written to take you through a one-year journey towards those very things! Though it can always be used, no matter what time of the year that you choose to start, the new year offers a perfect opportunity to begin taking a series of small, purposeful baby steps towards your goals in these areas.

There are 26 simple and very do-able steps included, with a plan to work through the entire book in one year (2 weeks per step). Steps include everything from finding sources for better quality foods (dairy, meats, eggs, produce), for eliminating processed foods from your diet, for switching over to non-toxic beauty and cleaning products, for learning to cook nutritious foods in even more nourishing ways, for “greening” your home and habits, and much more.

Want to learn a little more about what Health Homemaking: One Step at a Time is all about?

To make it easier for you to get started, and because I know that January is often a crunched-budget month after Christmas, I decided to offer a one-week Happy New Year Sale on the book! From now until this Sunday night, you can purchase Healthy Homemaking in two different ways:

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What about you? What are your goals and plans for the New Year?