By Ann Timm  

Did you accomplish all or any of my goals last year? Did everything that needed done get done? Here’s how to have a great new year, maybe the best yet…

Did you accomplish all or any of your goals last year? Did everything that needed done get done? Here's how I'm going to get organized and intentional! -

As I started to wrap up 2015, pack up the Christmas ornaments, and plan for the upcoming calendar year, I sat back in my comfy chair, looked out the cold and frosted window at the garden bed I didn’t grow anything in this year and then at the kitchen drawers and cabinets that I didn’t get around to organizing…

And I was reminded of how much I struggled over this past year.

Did I accomplish all or any of my goals? Did everything that needed done get done?

As the high of the Christmas season fades, my heart sinks a little as I realize how many of my goals went unmet. I glanced over at my office area and smiled a bit as I thought, “Well, who could get stuff done with that mess!?”


Some of my goals from last year:

  1. Lose weight – failed
  2. Organize my office – failed
  3. Plant and cultivate a garden – failed
  4. Organize the kitchen drawers – failed
  5. Make family photo books – failed

I let out a deep sigh and asked myself what the heck happened? I made a list. I made LOTS of lists. In fact, my favorite tool to help me check off the things I get done during the day is my to-do journal. Really just a blank journal for me to fill in with my to-do lists.


So I picked up my journal and started flipping through the pages, trying to make myself feel better by reviewing all the things I did cross out.

And you know… it worked. Maybe I didn’t lose any weight, but this year I found out I had that darn hypothyroid problem I was telling you about along with my vitamin D crashing since moving up north.

I recently realized my tank is almost full, so now I am feeling more myself and ready to try again. So maybe, even though I didn’t lose the weight, I conquered a ton of hidden health issues that kept me from my goals.

My office? Well, it is full of projects that I have been working on for my family and for Keeper of the Home.

The garden and the photo books are still on the list because my husband and I spent the summer camping with the kiddos. A family goal we had made for 2015. We weren’t home to plant; we were making memories and reaching those goals — and those photo books can be made next year.  

Now that I think about it, I’m feeling pretty good about the things I accomplished this past year. As a family we really grew and bonded. The two older boys are juniors and we wanted to be intentional about our time with them.

Last week I talked about my personal struggles this past year with my health and how determined I am to change that in 2016, but when I look back at my list and start to write down things that I want to accomplish in the new year, I’m wondering how I’ll get them all done. I notice something that I hadn’t thought of before: my list is missing something.

I love my list, but it’s just a list. It’s great for the little things, the everyday things I need to get done like laundry and grocery shopping, but I realized they’re the easy things on the list that are the ones getting done…there is no plan for the other ones. The bigger things.

Like the weight loss and fitness goals and the organizing. They aren’t going to happen on a whim and most likely they won’t get done all at once. Especially the weight loss. Maybe I could get the office done in a day, but only if I have everything I need when I start. And the kitchen will be a process all by itself.

So where…how…do I even start?

I remembered how we made those family goals, my husband bought this Best Year Ever program last year and we did it together to get intentional about work goals and family goals. I had been skeptical when we first went through but, we liked it so much that now we are doing it again this year with our kids as well.

Thinking back to those goals, I remembered again how easy it was and how much it helped us to focus in and set real goals AND accomplish them. So as I am setting my own personal goals for this coming year, I am making sure to follow this program!

First thing I did, I signed my husband and I up for a tandem run in September…won’t he appreciate that!? :) Just being intentional after all!

I think he might! Check out what he says in his post on our Best Year Ever plan and goal-setting.

Did you accomplish all or any of your goals last year? Did everything that needed done get done? Here's how I'm going to get organized and intentional! - KeeperoftheHome.orgWhat do you think? Could you use a program like this? How would your life change if you had your best year ever?