My sweet husband found this video on YouTube tonight, and said that it made him think of me. I loved it and thought it was so encouraging.

Being a Mom can be such a tiring job. I relate to his wife, who sometimes feels at the end of the day that she hasn’t accomplished anything worthwhile. Motherhood can often be a very unnoticed, unappreciated, even disdained job, full of many repetitive and mundane tasks.

And yet, we are doing the most important job on earth. We are nurturing and raising up the next generation, to know and glorify our glorious God. There is no higher calling, no career with greater rewards. At the end of the day, regardless of the state of our laundry pile or kitchen floor, whether we ate canned soup for dinner, or haven’t planned our home educating lessons yet, we have accomplished a task of great and eternal worth.

(I wish that I could have shared the entire song with you, but I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the web. You can purchase either the whole album, This Moment, or just the individual song, One Heartbeat At A Time, in mp3 format at Amazon.)