In a society where penicillin prescriptions abound for every minor infection, it is not too often that we hear about alternative products. Although they are not widely known, nor commonly used by the general public, there are actually many natural substances which offer anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Silver is one of these substances.

I have been hearing it’s praise in recent years from my mother-in-law, but had not had much experience with it myself, until recently (although I did use it once to help my daughter with a bad Candida infection, along with Grapefruit Seed extract and pro-biotics).

During our Christmas vacation, nearly every member of our gathered family was sick at one point or another. We must have been passing some virus back and forth between us all- such true Christmas spirit!

And so, out came the supplements… Oregano capsules (similar to Oil of Oregano), Kyolic Garlic, homemade cold syrup (oranges, honey, onions and garlic, I believe- I’ll have to get the recipe), and Colloidal Silver.

Amazingly, despite the close quarters and the frequent late nights (because we were having too much fun, sick or not!), our colds did not worsen to the degree that I kept anticipating, nor did they stick around for long. Even my sweet baby’s cold, with a cough that sounded dangerously close to croup at times, never went further downhill and is clearing up very well.

Intrigued, I did some more research tonight, to share with you. What I discovered is that the use of silver as an immunity booster or natural anti-biotic is not even a remotely new concept. It dates back to ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenicia, and Macedonia, and even to Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”. It has long been used for treating wounds and various diseases (ulcers, infections, heart conditions, etc.) and even for water purification.

The form that is available now is called “Colloidal Silver”, colloidal being a “stable, intermediate state of matter”, to which glue, gelatin, and other related substances belong. If you are interested in much more detailed information (including scientific studies and medical information, with many references, please see this article on silver, my resource for much of my information. Also of interest may be Wikipedia, as well as the homepage of the silver solution that we used this Christmas.

From all of my research (as well as my mother-in-law’s), it is safe for babies and children and pregnant women, is non-toxic and is not easy to overdose on.

Although there are slight risks with overuse, they are rare and require one to continually use the product for several months at a time (whereas this is a product that you would usually use to boost your immunity when exposed to an illness, or when already fighting something, rather than an everyday supplement).

It is tasteless, odorless, and simple to take (just a clear liquid, taken with a dropper). It is available at most local health food stores. Please do your research before purchasing- a higher ppm (parts per million) is not better- it is more beneficial to have a lower dose (like 10 ppm) in a higher quality product, which is composed of much smaller particles of silver.

Just another natural weapon in our arsenal against sickness!