scraping bowl clean

Image by Rex Roof

Today I roasted a whole chicken. As I was cutting up and freezing bags of cooked chicken, I noticed myself doing something that I do automatically, but had never really thought much about… before sticking the cutting board in my dishwasher, I used my knife to scrape every last bit of chicken, bones, skin, etc. into my crockpot to use for making chicken bone broth.

Something so small, but I realized that I do little things like this often.

I am forever dirtying rubber spatulas, using them to scrape the dregs out of any blender, food processor or bowl that I might happen to use. I add water to every jar of homemade kefir or yogurt that I finish up, so that I can shake it up and get any last bit to dump into our morning smoothies. I still wash every single Ziploc bag that I use until it has holes in it, even though I’ve learned how to get them for free using coupons.

Every little bit of leftovers get saved. A scoop of casserole too small for an adult can be my toddler’s lunch the next day. A cupful of cooked cauliflower gets chopped and tossed into a soup or a wrap filling. An extra egg white or two gets refrigerated to be added to tomorrow’s scrambled eggs.


Because I don’t want anything to go to waste. I’ve cultivated the frugal habit of doing my best to use up absolutely everything. Right down to the last drop, the little bits, the drippings… everything.

This frugal mentality is what helps me make it through the month on (a tight) budget, serving my family as much high quality, organic, pastured, nourishing food as possible. Without a doubt.

What does it mean to you to have a frugal mentality when it comes to food? Do you think it really makes a difference?

This post is part of Frugal Friday, hosted by Life as Mom.