I’m looking for several guest bloggers to fill in for a few posts over the next three weeks! Anybody interested?

Since I found myself very busy and mildly overwhelmed during our last homestay stint, I thought it would serve both my readers and my family (not to mention myself) to have just a little bit of help with keeping my blog interesting and updated.

I’m looking for other bloggers who have a passion for the types of things that I love to talk about– natural living, nutrition, healthy cooking, homemaking, Biblical womanhood, child training and frugality, just to name a few (look through my list of categories to get a few more ideas).If you’re unsure of what you would write about, talk to me about it and I’m sure we could come up with a great idea that suits you. If you already have an idea for a topic, let me know what you’re thinking of!

For those interested, please email me at keeperofthehome (at) canada (dot) com, as soon as possible. Thanks!

And now, I’m off to pack up for a camping trip with friends, so I won’t be posting again until after the weekend. Just a heads up, though, that I have a fantastic giveaway coming up next Monday… see you then!

Edit:  Ladies! You’ve overwhelmed me with your responses– I already have enough bloggers lined up to fill the spots for the next several weeks, so thank you! If you’re still interested in guest posting at some point in the future, why don’t you drop me an email anyways, as I will certainly be looking for more down the road. Ya’ll are great, you know that?