Some of you may have seen the announcement on Facebook late last week, but just to make it official…

Our newest son was born at home on Wednesday, February 15th at 9:07pm!

A birth story with more details is coming, but to satisfy at least a little bit of curiosity in the meantime, he weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was just over 20 inches long. He was supposed to be born in the water, but it didn’t exactly work out that way, but not for reasons you might think. There’s a funny story behind it and let’s just say that the birth wasn’t the only excitement going on in our home that night!

His name is Kepler Matthias. If you look up Kepler, you might find the meaning “hat maker”, but that’s not why we chose it. :)

We named him after Johannes Kepler, who was a Creationist, Astronomer, Physicist and more from the 16/17th century. Several years ago, we were at a homeschool convention listening to a seminar on teaching math, and the speaker was talking about how when Kepler worked on his intricate mathematic and physics calculations, he would sometimes become so filled with worship as he contemplated the wonders of how God had created the world with such perfect and precise order that he would burst into spontaneous praise, and then go back to finishing his calculations. I asked my husband to explain why he wanted to choose the name and this is (loosely) what he said,

“Johannes Kepler was a man who didn’t see the spiritual and physical world as separate. I love that he saw those elements as being unified. He saw God in science and math and all Creation… he saw His fingerprints in the invisible patterns of the universe and it stirred worship in his heart. I want our son Kepler to live a life that sees God’s work in all aspects of his life.”

And Matthias means “gift of God”, which of course, this sweet new baby most certainly is.