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I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my regular blog topics, but it sure is relevant for our family right now, so indulge me if you will! As many of you know, my husband has recently finished working at his job in order to launch a new music school (you can see the in-progress website for Resound School of Music). One of the things that he is currently working on is a bit of further market research and this leads me to ask a favor of those of you with children.

Would you consider taking 1-2 minutes (literally, it's 10 questions, most of which are multiple choice) to fill out a very simple online survey? Since many of you have school-aged children and I know there are also a lot of homeschoolers out there, you fit well into what would be our target market (that is, if you actually lived where we live which I know that most of you don't).

Just to let you know, in a few short weeks I will be celebrating my 2nd
Blogiversary! My husband and I have been working hard on getting many
exciting things ready for that week and among those things are several
giveaways. One of those giveaways might just be a really amazing (and
somewhat expensive) but oh-so-useful kitchen appliance… and if you
fill out the survey, you might just earn yourself an extra entry for
that giveaway. I'm just saying… I think you'd be happy that you filled
out the survey. 🙂

Take the survey now.

Thank you! My husband thanks you, too!