I think I just may have the greatest husband in the world.

This amazing man has decided that since tomorrow is a holiday (in Canada, at least), that I should have a real holiday, too. I am talking a genuine, don’t-do-a-thing, kick up my feet and do whatever I want kind of day off (well, mostly, I still have the children around). Have I even had a day like this since my first child was born? I can barely remember!

He completely blitzed the house tonight, leaving it spic and span so I don’t have to worry about it at all. He gave me mad money so that I could buy lunch for the kids and I. After he told me the plans, I chipped in and helped finish up the work, made a baked oatmeal to stick in the oven tomorrow morning, and started washing diapers which I usually wash every Monday.

My plan? Maybe take the kids and my homestay students to the library. Then come back and sit outside in the sunshine, watching the kids play while I read a good book (gosh, I might just read several!). After my students leave at 1pm for a party, I will pack up and take the kids out for lunch, then to a water park to play for the afternoon. In the evening, we’ll come back home to my sweet hubby making us some taco salad.

Ahhh… I seriously cannot wait. This sounds absolutely amazing to me! A fun, relaxing day, enjoying my sweet children and not worrying about a single thing in the house!

Am I spoiled or what? Needless to say, I’m not supposed to be blogging tomorrow. You better believe I’m going to obey. I am taking the whole. entire. blissful. day. off.

See you Tuesday!