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You know you’re the mother of a boy when…by  

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Growing a Potted Apple Treeby  

Did you know that you can grow your own fruit trees, regardless of whether you live in a small apartment or townhouse or a home that you rent? Anyone can grow fruit trees in containers, and it's just another way... Read More

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caden Nathaniel!by  

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Current Reads For the Month of Mayby  

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News From a Proud Auntie!by  

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How I “Do It All”by  

  I guess I only see what is on your blog but sometimes I get a bit discouraged thinking how can you do all that when I am attempting to do things and not fulfilling what I think I should... Read More

Breastfeeding for Heart Healthby  

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Surprise Getawayby  

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Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 2by  

Over the past month or so, I've been sharing on the topic of eczema, and how to naturally and holistically approach it in order to bring both relief and healing. If you missed any of the past posts, here they... Read More

Pickle Recipes: Dill and Bread & Butterby  

Mmmm, I love me some pickles (and no, not just because I'm pregnant)! As promised, ladies, here are my two favorite pickle recipes. Both are cold-pack, non-canning recipes, making them a snap to prepare. Even better, the pickles are raw... Read More

Healthy, Natural Pregnancy: Counting our Blessings!by  

We're often quick to talk about the difficulties of pregnancy, but one thing that is so helpful in having a wonderful, healthy pregnancy is simply maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude! I really appreciated Crystal's focus on choosing joy during her... Read More

Q&A- My Grocery Budget, Part 2by  

I think this is the last of the questions from How My Grocery Budget Works (find the first set of Q&A here)... Hopefully I've answered all of your questions! Janelle wondered... I do have one question though...what do you say... Read More

Pregnancy Update: 28 weeksby  

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Q&A- My Grocery Budgetby  

There were so many great questions asked in the comments in my recent post How My Grocery Budget Works, that I felt the need to address them in a separate post. Here goes... What is your dill pickle recipe? I'll... Read More

Calling For All PCOS Success Stories!by  

 Image by JuanRaxI know you're out there! Have you used a traditional/whole foods diet and made natural lifestyle changes to improve your symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Have you lost weight, seen your symptoms dramatically reduce or even disappear, or... Read More

How My Grocery Budget Worksby  

*My most recent grocery shop last week* Grocery budgets are tricky things. There are so many variables that come into play: family size, special dietary needs, family members appetites, where you live (which country, what part of the country, urban... Read More

“Food, Inc.” A Movie We All Need to See!by  

In theaters June 12 (I've already marked it in my calendar!) It's about time a film made it to the theaters that will actually show some of the realities of the so-called "food" being offered to us these days. True... Read More

Healthy, Natural Pregnancy: Prenatal Vitaminsby  

  I'm interested to know which, if any, prenatals you would take or recommend. In all my past pregnancies, I've taken Opti-natals (aka Vita-natals), made by the Eclectic Institute, but they're unavailable to me now, so I'd like some other suggestions. Amy About... Read More

Gratituesday: He even cares about the groceriesby  

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I’m joining in the Spring Cleaning Party!by  

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