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Q & A- Eating healthy in social situationsby  

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Now this is something that I have definitely never thought of using cloth for!by  

I stumbled upon this creative thrifty odd interesting idea today, and thought I would pass it on to you all! Have any of you ever heard of this idea of Family Cloth? Have you tried it? (If you have, wow,... Read More

14 ways I have (and haven’t ) been frugal enough latelyby  

So, I'm feeling uninspired and perhaps just a little bit cheeky this morning as I sit at the computer, thinking of what to post about. I am usually just full of various post ideas, so many that they never all... Read More

Carnival postponed til next weekby  

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Who knew going cheap and minimalist could be so good?by  

So, in the past month I've ditched shampoo, starting using the Oil Cleansing Method for my face, and started making my own toothpaste. Any one curious to know how it's all going? Actually, I don't think that I mentioned I... Read More

No, you’re not going crazyby  

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Baby Steps: Healthy, fast, convenient mealsby  

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principles for green livingby  

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How my garden growsby  

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bug spray mostly ask for reader input?by  

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My Thoughts on Sunscreen, Part 2by  

If you missed the first post in this series, you can read it here. Based on my discussion last time about my concerns with the use of sunscreen (which brought up great discussion- thanks for all your comments!), you may... Read More

To my son …by  

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Menu Plan Monday- May 26by  

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Book Review (and a Giveaway!): Sue Gregg ’ s Whole Grain Bakingby  

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Tips for eating locallyby  

I read this post by Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking today, and thought it was such perfect timing considering the recent discussion on purchasing organics and the local vs. import debate. She mentioned going to the Farmer's Market (I guess the... Read More

My Thoughts on Sunscreenby  

My question is, do you know of or have an organic/natural sunscreen for babies? With the weather warming up here in Tennessee, I would really like to find a sunscreen for my almost 1 year old that doesn't have all... Read More

Baby Steps: Replacing your Toothpasteby  

This week's baby step is: Consider what you are currently using for toothpaste and seek to replace it with a better alternative. There are so many different beauty and toiletry items that we could focus on replacing, but a la... Read More

Lack-of-menu-planning Tuesdayby  

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Free BPA-free Sippy Cup- call quickly!by  

Just wanted to pass on a (potentially) great freebie that a friend just let me know about. Since all of the BPA info has come out into the open, Avent has been offering refunds on their products containing BPA. Now,... Read More

Truly organic?by  

This morning, I had the extreme pleasure of speaking to a lovely elderly lady named Sonja, with a European accent I couldn't quite place. I was calling to ask when the strawberries on her farm would be ready to buy,... Read More

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