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A lesson in making sourdough bread for y’all!by  

I know, I know, I'm not Southern. Gosh, I'm not even American. I just really enjoy using the word (phrase?) y'all, because it sounds friendly and cute and personable... at least, to me it does. So, ummm, anyways... Let's bake... Read More

When you’re submitting a name for the contest…by  

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Have seeds…will plantby  

I think I'm ready to start! I've got: carrots shelling peas sweet bell peppers sweet frying peppers tomatoes- three different varieties, plus one of cherry tomatoes onions sweet corn lettuce mix romaine lettuce passionflower (nothing to do with vegetables at... Read More

Name my blog!by  

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Accomplishing tasks with little ones underfootby  

Since posting my schedule, I've been asked several times about how I am able to clean and accomplish so much with very young children (mine are 3 and 9 mths). First of all, I just want to let it be... Read More

I’ve been inspired!by  

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Raising healthy eaters- Requiring children to eat foods they dislike: A discussionby  

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A question for all of you…by  

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Menu Plan Monday- Feb 25by  

I had already prepared my menu plan last Thursday, but yesterday I realized I would have to rearrange it a bit. We went to an heirloom/organic seed event at a local garden, and I spent what little grocery money I... Read More

At least I ’ m not allergic to water!by  

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Time to tackle my kitchen…by  

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Cutting down on wasteby  

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Cavities and Nutrition- What is the relationship?by  

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Know where you food is coming from!by  

Do you know where the food on your table has come from? Or the conditions that it was raised in? Yesterday, I read an article and watched a very disturbing video describing the largest beef recall in history. The video... Read More

I’m sold on the dry diaper pail!by  

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a few posts about cloth diapering (Part 1 and Part 2), and was asked by a reader about using the dry pail method. It was actually the first time it had occurred... Read More

At long last- the schedule is finished!by  

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Menu Plan Monday- Feb 18by  

Hello again! I'm still puttering away with my restrictive diet... two weeks down, minimum of 6 more to go! Each week I am stretched to find tasty, interesting, healthy and still frugal meals that we can all enjoy. I'm finding... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Feeding picky toddlersby  

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My diet, a recipe, and how the flu wiped out my plan of completing my scheduleby  

Well, I'm nearing the end of week 2 of the diet (although the first week was a bit gradual- this week I tried not to cheat at all). So far, so good. I've had a few moments where I just... Read More

“Whatever Ya Got” cooking (a frugal way to use what’s in your fridge)by  

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