Note from Ann: We had some mild weather, but now it’s acting like January. I guess that means we buckle down, cuddle up, and focus on the fact that spring and sun are coming!

Set Your Family’s GPS to Success

If you don’t have an understanding of where your family is right now, how can you get anywhere else? Here are tips from someone I know and trust (my hubby!) that I think you’ll find a lot of value in!

10 Science Backed Natural Remedies For Seasonal Affective Disorder

Weather affects all of us, from what we wear to how we feel.  This post has some great tips for battling the “winter depression” you may battle (or someone you love may fight).

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Well, here you go, haters of exercise: the truth is that there are some big problems with exercise. This is definitely worth a read and the ideas are worth implementing! (Pardon me while I stand up and pet the dog for a minute…)

What’s the Shelf Life on Essential Oils?

Ever wonder if you should keep or pitch those old oils? I sure have…and here’s the answer… (Hint: it’s not a one-off easy answer.)

Winter Hand and Foot Salve

This is the kind of thing my girls and I love to make…and I suspect we’ll be doing a version of this for ourselves. ESPECIALLY on our feet!

New Year’s Resolutions to Try

This post has six straightforward ways to get yourself on track health-wise this year. Might be worth a look to get ideas. :)