Note from Ann: I didn’t hear if the groundhog saw his shadow or not, but winter’s still going. But we have red hearts to keep us smiling, and the homemade, heartfelt kind are my favorite. :)

Healthy Lifestyle Pins and Links

This Pinterest board has over 1100 pins that will help you make healthy choices with food, exercise, products, and lots more. See if you don’t love it!

How to Choose Joy When You’re Focused on the Negatives

Do you find yourself looking outside at the winter wonderland and not seeing anything wonderful? Boy, do I relate with the wisdom Lauren shares in this post!

DIY Tutorial for Turning an Old Coffee Table into an Ottoman

And what better way to look at positives than this sort of post? Even if you aren’t DIY-inclined and there’s no chance that you’ll do it, take a peek at the pretty outcome. Hope-inspiring, especially in the midst of the gray days we have going on here in Indiana.

Best. Date. Ever.

Do. Not. Miss. This. I do not say this lightly: go now and buy him Melt. You will never regret it, and your marriage will improve and be better in ways you cannot even imagine. (There’s a sale going on right now, so even more of a reason to check it out!)

^ Note: I’m a Melt affiliate. And the reason I am is that I believe in it so much and have experienced so much good in my own marriage because of it that I want to share it with everyone else! Feel free to ask me anything you want about it! :)

Pizza Pancakes

This is an idea I hadn’t heard of, and one that looks quick, easy, and yummy. In fact, around here, we could eat this for breakfast, too…

Healthy Creme Brûlée Recipe

Looking for a good Valentine’s dessert? Here you go…it’s my favorite (and SO good for you!). ;P

Talking about What “Natural” Really Means

You know how some people consider brownies from a brownie mix box “homemade” and some do not? The same’s true with the word “natural.” Marie really takes a look at what it does and should mean…and makes the very valid point that most of us are more concerned with safety than natural. Something big to think about!

Are You Fighting Fair?

It’s not a matter of whether you’ll have family conflicts, because you will. How do you fight when it comes to that? This is another post of hubby’s that I love…and I hope you enjoy it too!