Note from Ann: We have had some great weather, with lots of sun. The leaves are starting to make huge piles in the yard, though, and the temperatures are dropping…you’ll enjoy the warmth in these links! :)


Smell some autumn

In addition to all the vivid colors, there are some lovely smells this time of year. The idea here is that you can bring the autumn smells into your home with a class. But hey, if that’s too overwhelming, just stash this and do it yourself! :)

Wait, you can put veggies in dessert?

Yes, you can put veggies in your desserts…and here’s the thing: they look pretty good. Quick: someone try the brownies and let me know how they are…

Craft alert! (Glitter acorns)

You don’t have to have kids at home to want to make glitter acorns, do you? I hope not…and I can’t help but think how these would accent some of my tables and wreaths and countertops and…

Move beyond pumpkin spice (or not)

You can thank me for this later…not just links but great hot drink recipes!

Because it’s the crock pot time of year

I’m pretty sure #5 and #14 are going to keep me drooling for the rest of the day, but see what you think of these healthy crock pot recipes.

Your turn: what’s your favorite autumn pastime?