2013 Christmas Gift Guide at Keeper of the Home


Summer is bidding farewell, now it’s September, and do you know what that means? Christmas is just a few short months away! Hurray! We are happy to announce that after much popular demand, we are in the midst of creating the third annual Keeper of the Home Christmas Gift Guide for you, our awesome readers! This year we’ve once again decided to take what makes us stand out in the blogosphere (providing inspiration, information and resources for a natural, healthy lifestyle) and use it to […]

You Asked For It: Plan It- Don’t Panic! {A 6-Week Meal Planning Challenge}


All those who know that meal planning is a good idea, but struggle to actually do it, put up their hands! (Is yours raised?) I definitely relate. I have been meal planning on and off (more on than off) for about 6 years. I know the benefits. I write about them. My budget and our family’s nutritional status can attest to the fact that meal planning most certainly works. Still, it isn’t always easy. We go through different seasons of life and routines changes. We […]

Lists for Homemaking and Home Educating Winners

Out of 279 entries, the winners are: 1-year print membership: RaizingZ (mrsjessika26@…)     Home Education e-planners: Jennifer (jenn.k.johnson@…) Angie P (aparrett@…) Jacqui (jacsoliman@…) Congratulations!

Diaper Giveaway Winners and a New Way to Win Every Month!

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Introducing Monthly Email Subscriber Giveaways!

Do you love giveaways and chances to win natural living prizes?

Starting this month, there is a new type of giveaway happening at Keeper of the Home. Each month there will be different giveaway package being offered, from a wide variety of companies just like the kinds of giveaways I usually offer.

All you have to do to be entered is subscribe to our email newsletter! We will draw a random winner out of all our email subscribers each month, so once you’re subscribed, you’re permanently entered for the giveaway draws!

Don’t worry… your inbox won’t be flooded with emails. Emails go out only when I put up a new post, which is usually 4 times per week (never more than once per day). It’s an easy and convenient way to read Keeper of the Home!

This month’s featured giveaway is coming from MadeOn Hard Lotion, a $50 gift certificate for your choice of their pure and soothing lotion bars, lip balms and more.

Winner of the Happy Heiny Diaper Giveaway

Out of 781 entries, the winner of the Happy Heiny Cloth Diaper 6-Pack is:

Harmony (samzmommi@…)


A Tour of our Family Closet (Video Blog)

When I knew that we were moving to a new house with a much larger master bedroom closet, I made the happy decision to create a “family closet” rather than continue to keep everyone’s clothing in their own rooms. What, you ask, is a family closet? It’s a rather unique concept that I learned about initially from larger families, where all of the clothes for the whole household are stored in one convenient place. Why use a family closet? There are many reasons, but the […]

Shopping for Time – A Good Read for the Summer

Shopping for Time

Written by Sharon Kaufman, Contributing Writer The Theme of the Book One of my summer reads has been a small book that I’ve found to be most encouraging – Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters. The premise of the book is founded on the text in Ephesians 5:15-16, which says, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” Carolyn writes about this verse, “This phrase, […]

Cultivating a Frugal Mentality

scraping bowl clean

Image by Rex Roof Today I roasted a whole chicken. As I was cutting up and freezing bags of cooked chicken, I noticed myself doing something that I do automatically, but had never really thought much about… before sticking the cutting board in my dishwasher, I used my knife to scrape every last bit of chicken, bones, skin, etc. into my crockpot to use for making chicken bone broth. Something so small, but I realized that I do little things like this often. I am […]

I Tweet! (Oh yes, I do!)

twitter logo

Did you think you’d ever see the day when I joined Twitter? :) I haven’t been shy in my dislike for social media or the fact that I think it can tend to be a time-stealer and get in the way of being focused and efficient in my roles as a mom, wife and homemaker (and note that I said in my roles, because I know my own tendency to get off track if I’m not careful- I know that many people are able to […]