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{Special Edition, Read Your Heart Out} Weekend Linksby  

Welcome to a special edition of Weekend Links. Today I want to introduce you to the women whose ebooks and other resources are a part of this week's Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Instead of our usual links from around the web,... Read More

Weekend Linksby  

Colorful buildings lining the Old Town Square in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. Links I loved this week: Intention in the Morning @ Clover Lane. I often forget this, too. Such a necessary reminder for all of us mamas. Teaching girls... Read More

Weekend Links {and the project I can finally announce!}by  

Craning out necks up to gaze at the beautifully lit-up Eiffel Tower in Paris. We loved Paris... definitely want to go back there! Links I loved this week: A letter for a tough season @ FIMBY. For anyone that has... Read More

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One of our first looks at Iguazu Falls. The white that you see at the bottom of the photo is the mist from the falls, which rises so high that it obscures much of the bottom view. These are some... Read More

Weekend Links (and Wise Choice Market Giveaway Winner!)by  

I couldn't resist sharing a few of the stunningly gorgeous photos from my husband's trip to Antarctica two weeks ago. This is what I wanted to see most of all... the turquoise icebergs. He said they truly are this bold... Read More

Weekend Links (and Win $100 of Real Food!)by  

I took this image at Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires this week, but it is a fitting image for Easter weekend, as we celebrate the beauty of what Christ has done for us through the cross... Links I've Loved Our... Read More

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A once-in-a-lifetime experience... walking around on an island in Tierra del Fuego that two penguin colonies, mostly Magellanic, and a much smaller colony of Gentoos (which are usually only found in Antarctica so we felt very privileged to see them... Read More

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A far-off view of the Ushuaia, Argentina airport, where we arrived 3 days ago. We walked past this charming field the first time that we went into the city center. We're at the very southern tip of Argentina, and it... Read More

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The drive near Cafayate, in Northwest Argentina. Stunning. Links I loved this week: Perfect is a Poison @ Jon Acuff On Fear and Speaking to 3600 Women @ Shaun Groves Responding to the homeschooling critics @ Simple Homeschool The Problem... Read More

Weekend Links {and Giveaway Winners}by  

A stunning apartment building I stumbled upon while walking one day here in Salta, Argentina. Happy weekend, friends! Before I share my favorite links from around the web this week, we have some very important business to take care of... Read More

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This week... What I'm reading: Wrecked by Jeff Goins and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker What I'm doing: Sitting on my bed with the balcony door open, intermittently focusing on my computer, and then look out... Read More

Weekend Links (hello from Argentina!)by  

[caption id="attachment_21742" align="alignnone" width="550"] A lively, bustling street market in San Telmo, Buenos Aires[/caption] Hello again! It felt so strange to be away from the blog for almost 3 weeks, the longest blogging break I've ever taken. As many of... Read More

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The ever-growing stack of boxes and stuff in our garage storage, as we prepare to move... Links I loved this week: How to make a simple banner to highlight your goals @ Simple Homemade Quit "Real Washing" my Clean Eating... Read More

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Links I loved this week: Newtown as I know it @ Simple Homeschool The Truth About Sandy Hook: Where is God When Bad Things Happen? @ A Holy Experience No Words @ Jeff Goins how to pray when you don't... Read More

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Source: Uploaded by user via Pj on Pinterest Links I loved this week: Peanut Butter Honey Cookies @ Creating Naturally 7 Ways to Include Children in Your Decorating @ Life... Your Way "I Already Spend All Day in the Kitchen,... Read More

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Before I get into sharing links, here is our family's Christmas card. Isn't it beautiful? It was designed by Angela of Tilley Claire's, who actually used to be a contributing writer here on Keeper of the Home. These days, you... Read More

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Homemade foaming facial cleanser... the recipe I've been using and loving. I shared my tutorial this week on Simple Homemade. Links I loved this week:  The Christmas Conundrum @ Jen Hatmaker (this just needed to be said. Go Jen. Hat... Read More

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{Beauty in unexpected places... as everything else in the garden withers and dies with the November chill, these flowers somehow survived, and their cheeriness makes me smile each time I look outside.} Links I loved this week: Our fall chicken... Read More

Weekend Links {welcome to our newest feature!}by  

Y'all. I miss you. As Keeper of the Home grows and changes, we are bringing on delightful new writers, not to mention the most a.maz.ing team every to help me run this blog baby of mine. To keep the home... Read More

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