DIY: How To Use Instagram To Create Lasting Memories of Your Children

It’s Make it Yourself Month at Keeper of the Home.  Being a real foodie, I contemplated sharing a diy food project. However, I do so much of that at my blog, that I wanted to share something different here that I think you’ll all enjoy. I have to be honest with you.  I’m not that crafty. Yeah, every once in awhile I pull out the big guns and head over to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Although, I often get light headed just walking through their […]

Cook More Real Food: Join Me For Some Freezer Cooking!

Today is the day to put so much of what we’ve been doing throughout the Cook More Real Food event into practice! I will be spending most of today and tomorrow (Mon/Tues) in my kitchen, cooking up a whole lot of food. The point? To fill my freezer with plenty of good stuff to help make cooking whole foods, from scratch, more of a reality in the day to day busyness of life as a mom and homemaker. I know that many of you have […]

Cook More Real Food Event: May 20th-June 12th

I’ve been writing lots about saving money on a whole foods diet, especially around the launch of my new book, Real Food on a Real Budget. Hearing about concepts that will help you to cook more from scratch, improve your diet and lighten up your grocery budget is a really good thing. Actually DOING those things and putting into practice what you’ve learned is even better. That’s why over the next 4 weeks, I will be running a special, practical series here at Keeper of […]

Baking Day: Filling my Freezer with “Convenience Foods”

Filling your freezer with food isn’t just for having a new baby or to get by during morning sickness. It’s a wonderful tool that helps real mamas make real, nutritious food during regular seasons of life, without going insane. Especially those days where there just isn’t enough energy and/or time to pull anything real together. Fish Mama and Money Saving Mom (smart ladies that they are) decided to get together and co-host a “baking day”, which is just their way of saying “a day where […]