Five Important Ways to Impact Your Home…and Your World

Written by Natalie Klejwa, Contributing Writer While at a recent visit to the doctor, I forgot my Kindle, and had to resign myself to finding something worthwhile to read in a nearby stack of mags. Among the usual People, Woman’s Day, Parenting, and Home and Garden, I came across one I hadn’t seen before: Success. I perused through the table of contents until something caught my eye. It was an article about the differences between Players and Pretenders, and I was struck by the Biblical […]

Spirit-Led Parenting: How Motherhood Calls Us to Lay Down Our Lives

I vividly remember those weeks so many years ago, when I began my journey as a brand-new mom. I was clueless. I spent my pregnancy reading all sorts of good books but I somehow skipped over the very important topic of “what to do with your crying/hungry/needy bundle of joy once they are OUT of your womb“. My initial weeks and months as a new mom were utterly bewildering to me. I read everything from the strict schedule-and-sleep-training books all the way to books on […]

Cultivating a Servant’s Heart as a Mother

Do you ever feel that some of the duties of motherhood are not quite what you expected? Or that many of the mundane and trivial tasks are not what you thought you were signing up for? This weekend I was reading “The Mission of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson and one chapter in particular just hit me over the head. I am perpetually in awe of the way that the Holy Spirit can guide us to read the very thing that we need to hear, at […]