Naturally Neutralizing Stress: Herbs that Calm

Written by Meg Dickey, Contributing Writer We all have those moments of random stress, moments that leave us drained, exhausted, and with a lingering feeling of depression.  This month at Keeper of the Home, we’ve been addressing ways to find a balance in our lives, both physically and mentally. On Monday, Stephanie addressed natural ways to approach depression, and she mentioned several herbs that can help to calm our senses in the midst of stress.  I’d like to elaborate further on some of them, and explain why […]

Insomnia: How to Find Sleep Naturally

Guest Post by Andrea Lack of sleep is common when you are raising infants. But what happens when your infants have reached their teens and you still can’t sleep? Insomnia affects millions of people but is 41% more prevalent in women than in men. For me, lack of sleep has meant I’m not capable of being the mother I want to be. I’ve found myself drifting off in the afternoons or needing to lie down and power nap – even if for just 15 minutes. […]