It’s Not Too Late to Start a Garden

Written by Diana, Contributing Writer By now, many people have their gardens well underway. Lettuces and spinach have been growing in abundance while plump roots of carrots and beets are being un-earthed. The rising heat is nudging us that Spring has passed and we’re just about to dip into Summer. With the changing seasons, many people may be wondering if it’s too late to start a garden. I’ve got great news.  There are many varieties of vegetables that you can still put into the garden […]

Gardening with Herbs 101: What to Grow

Written by Meg Dickey, Contributing Writer This month at Keeper of the Home, we’re discussing Gardening 101, and we’re continuing this week with the second part of Gardening with Herbs 101.  Let’s jump right in to my favorite part of gardening: what to grow! First, consider your needs: What herbs do you love the smell of?  What tastes do you enjoy adding to your food?  What tea are you always splurging on?  What kinds of medicine does your family use during the year?  Do you want […]

Plan & Plant Now for Sustainability, Freedom, and a Backyard Revolution

I am not an expert gardener and have only spent the last few years taking a stab at preserving what we eat and eating what we preserve. Every year, though, I grow more and more excited because every year we are learning, producing, and preserving more. I have learned that amazing things can happen when you simply choose to work at producing and preserving foods rather than spending time doing other things. I have been greatly encouraged and informed by the new book Surviving Off […]

7 Reasons to Square Foot Garden

Written by Stacey T, Contributing Writer Spring is right around the corner, literally.  The first day of Spring officially arrives on Sunday! With the arrival of spring, there’s lots of talk here on Keeper of the Home about gardening this month.  Yet Gardening 101 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Square Foot Gardening. Square Foot Gardening is the perfect solution for those that would love to garden but feel they don’t the space, time or experience. What is Square Foot Gardening? Square Foot Gardening is a […]

How to Plant a Garden That Works for Where You Live

When I first began, I suppose I had this idea that gardening was the same everywhere… you dug up some dirt, put in seeds, fertilized and pulled some weeds, then enjoyed a harvest. A little naive (or maybe just hopeful), I now know that there is more to making a garden work in your specific neck of the woods. This is part of our Gardening 101 series, where we’re covering a lot of basics, and I certainly don’t want to complicate things. But I do […]

How to Plant Garlic in the Fall

Garlic has stolen my heart as an organic gardener, because it is hands down one of the easiest and most reliable crops that I’ve grown so far. For some reason, I initially had this idea that garlic was only for experienced gardeners and would be a challenging crop to grow. I’ve had quite the opposite experience, finding it to be a simple and rewarding crop and now I can’t imagine going a season without growing it! Fall is the best time to plant garlic. It […]

Getting Organized in the Garden: Seed Starting and Planting Schedule

One step to ensuring a really good gardening season is knowing in advance what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This will help you to avoid planting things too late because you weren’t ready or didn’t have the right supplies on hand at the right time. This year I found a really simple tool to help me make my garden plans: This is my seed starting schedule from my ListPlanIt membership. It’s simple as can be, but it forced me […]

Organization in the Garden: Evaluating What You Have and What You Need

January tends to find me just a little bit giddy. Throughout the fall and early winter, I am just pooped from gardening and preserving season. I don’t really want to see another canning jar, or hardly even another fresh tomato, and going out to get the garden prepped for over the winter is the last thing I feel like doing. And then comes January. Christmas is finished. Plans for the new year have begun. Seed catalogues begin to look oh-so-appealing once again. Suddenly I am […]