Real Food Baby Step: Homemade Pantry Staples

Guest post written by Mandi Ehman This week I’m excited to release my brand new ebook, Easy Homemade: Homemade Pantry Staples for the Busy Modern Family, which is on sale for just $0.99! When I first shared my new cookbook with Stephanie, I described it as “real food-lite.” It’s a bridging-the-gap cookbook for families, like mine, who want to eat healthier and eliminate questionable ingredients from their kitchens but aren’t quite ready to make their own kefir and kombucha or to soak grains. This cookbook […]

The Benefits of Eating Down the Pantry

Written by guest writer Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom and Good, Cheap Eats. When I was a young newlywed, I cooked almost every day.  I planned meals once a week. I shopped regularly, if not daily. I also spent enough to feed a small country. In fact, in 1994 I spent more on groceries for two people and occasional guests as I did in 2006 to feed a family with five children! One of the causes of my overspending was that I bought whatever […]

9 Ways to Get Rid of Hidden Toxins in Your Kitchen

Written by Diana Bauman, Contributing Writer On my journey to real food, I started learning about the many hidden toxins in food and baking products that I used. I know from experience how confusing and daunting it may seem to think about having to replace so many products for a healthier alternative.  For this month’s series on ridding your home of toxins, I decided to share with you a list on some of the most important products that you can easily replace for a toxin […]

Building a Grain-Free Pantry

Written by Kate Tietje, Contributing Writer If you’re grain-free, what to keep in the pantry may be somewhat of a mystery. Most pantry staples tend to be grain-based: crackers, chips, rice, wheat berries, different types of flour, and so on.  And what about snacks?  Those, too, are usually grain-based. Of course there are lots of options for grain-free pantries, but they can be more expensive.  And there are so many substitutes it can be hard to know what is really worth it to buy and […]

Cook More Real Food: Take Inventory of Your Pantry

Wondering what Cook More Real Food is all about? Learn more about this event that’s taking place here at Keeper of the Home over the course of the next several weeks! For those on Facebook, join over 185 other women and be a part of the event! Today we are tackling our pantries! I hope you’ll join us! Watch me as I clean out, re-organize and take inventory of all the food that’s in my own pantry! Are you ready to do it yourself? Here’s […]

Cook More Real Food Event: May 20th-June 12th

I’ve been writing lots about saving money on a whole foods diet, especially around the launch of my new book, Real Food on a Real Budget. Hearing about concepts that will help you to cook more from scratch, improve your diet and lighten up your grocery budget is a really good thing. Actually DOING those things and putting into practice what you’ve learned is even better. That’s why over the next 4 weeks, I will be running a special, practical series here at Keeper of […]

Organization in the Real Food Kitchen: Making Room for Bulk Storage

When you think of storing bulk food, what comes to mind? Do you wonder where you will ever keep it? Do you dismiss the idea because your kitchen storage is already on the small side? Do you envision hefty, 25 lbs bags of grains sitting in your dining room, with no where else to go? Most homes these days aren’t exactly set up for storing food in bulk. I long for the days when every home had some sort of a root cellar or storage […]