Your Turn to Get Organized with a Meal ePlanner!

As requested, here are the closeups of some of the pages from my homemaking binder. Believe me, if you’re looking for someone’s routines and schedules to emulate, mine probably aren’t the right ones! Organizing is something I strive for, but not necessarily something I always achieve. And please always remember that when I share things like this, this is just me. Just my family, our season of life, our preferences, etc. It shouldn’t tell you the “right” way to organize your own home or time, […]

Creating a Homemaking Binder

**We’re just back from Seattle after what has been a crazy week and a half! My blog schedule for January is now a bit off and I need to reassess it, but I will continue to putter along on my organizational projects that I’ve begun. More recipe organizing, and yes, the ListPlanIt download lists and giveaway, are soon to come. But first, here’s a glimpse into the homemaking binder that I’ve begun… My simple binder. Nothing fancy. That white rectangle says “Stephanie’s Homemaking Binder”. No […]

Organization in the Real Food Kitchen: Menu Planning

Of all of the things that I spend time planning, the one that I feel probably has the biggest payoff in saving me time, frustration and even money would have to be menu planning! I’ve been menu planning faithfully for about 3-4 years now. Every once in a while I briefly slip up and go a week or two without proper plans in place. I always, always regret it and wished I had taken the time to plan. Life has been moving at an even […]