How I Connect with My Husband Through Love Language & Creme Brûlée

Connecting with your husband can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re speaking different love languages. Here’s some insight to help you.

7 Ways to LOVE your Husband

Written by Rachel, Contributing Writer Before you start reading this, I just want to let you know that I do not do all these things with blissful glee. I want to, I’m a work in progress with the intention of being a more godly wife, probably much like you. Sometimes when I read about the Proverbs 31 wife, I feel in adequate, that I’ll never measure up and that I’ve failed A LOT! At times, instead of lifting my husband up, I put him down. […]

16 Books On My “To Read” List

I firmly believe that one can never own enough books. Our family has been on a mission to simplify and declutter over the past year or so. Books are one of those areas where I begin to sweat profusely and develop nervous twitches when I attempt to weed out the ones I want to get rid of. Making the switch to primarily digital books has made all the difference for me. Now I don’t have too worry about having too many, and I can also […]

Weekend Links

I’m sorry for skipping weekend links last week, but I was busy enjoying the holidays with my family and hanging out with Spiderman, my hero. Don’t you like his big muscles? Links I loved this week: Motherhood Really Does Matter @ Grace Full Mama 20 questions for a New Year’s Even reflection @ Simple Mom (just because New Year’s has passed doesn’t mean you can’t still work through these thought-provoking questions) The 1 Person You Need to Unfriend in 2013 @ Inspired to Action Are […]

New eBook! The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the new eBook, The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking! I’m one of 13 authors in this collaborative project and I’m eager to share with you why I think that this book needs to get into as many hands and homes as possible… Have you ever wondered how other moms hold it all together? They keep up with the cleaning and laundry, making healthy meals from scratch, maintaing a strong marriage, discipling and training their children, […]

Spring Giveaway Week: Win a $75 Gift Certificate for Union28

Do you have any clothes that just make you feel really good when you wear them? No, I’m not talking about your favorite party dress, or that cute and cozy cardigan that you wear every other day, all winter long. I have a few shirts that may not be the most glamorous in my wardrobe, but each time I put them on, they make me happy. And they probably make my husband happy, too. Because they’re all about him.  I wrote last September about how I […]

Why My Husband Rocks (and Union 28 Giveaway)

*Giveaway has now ended* A few years ago, I remember seeing one of my dear friends in the cutest shirt. It said: “I love skinny guys with glasses” and it had a stick drawing of a skinny guy wearing (what else?) glasses. What makes this shirt awesome is that her husband just happens to be a skinny, glasses-wearing, computer-programming (but super cool) guy. And every time she wore this shirt, it made me smile to see that she was telling the world how much she […]

Serving Our Husbands Through a Nourishing Diet, Part 2

Written by Sharon Kaufman, Contributing Writer “She does him good… all the days of her life.” Continued from yesterday’s post… But What if My Husband Objects? This is not unusual and can be frustrating. I have found that submission, prayer and/or a respectful appeal (in order to come to an agreeable solution, if need be) always honor God, guards against frustration and often obtains an open-mindedness from my husband. Here are some typical and reasonable objections your husband might offer: “I really don’t care to eat that […]