Why This Pen and Paper Gal is Turning to Digital Organization (A Review of the New ListPlanIt)

One of my favorite ways to stay organized has just gotten even better. I’ve been using ListPlanIt’s printable lists and organizational pages in my homemaking binder, menu plans on my fridge, shopping lists tucked into my purse, and anywhere else I needed them for the last several years. Personally, I still love printable lists. I’m a pen and paper gal at heart. These days, though, I’m sort of without my pen and paper. As we’re traveling this year, we don’t have printer access, nor do […]

Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Download Membership to ListPlanIt or 1 of 2 100 Days to Christmas eBooks

Fall always finds me preparing new schedules and routines, re-organizing, and yes, writing lists. There’s something about getting back into the regular everyday groove after summer that just makes me want to get organized. I held a garage sale a couple weeks ago, have been setting up a new homeschooling binder for the year, am tweaking a daily routine for myself and the kids, getting back to meal planning, and all of those good things that make my life run a little bit smoother. Whenever […]

Lists for Homemaking and Home Educating (And a Giveaway!)

*Giveaway has now ended* As I take some downtime this winter to recover and allow my body some time to heal, I am also contemplating my schedule for the upcoming months. One of my major goals has been to clear a lot of the busyness off of my plate, making my schedule more realistic with a whole lot more margin for rest, the regular interruptions of daily life (messes, unexpected visitors, phone calls, etc.) and mostly for being able to stop and savor those golden moments that […]

Real Food Makeover: The “W” Family

Introducing the first of four families to receive a Real Food Makeover! Each week, I will be highlighting a different family and offering suggestions and resources to help them along the road to eating more real, whole, healthy foods. Meet the W. family: Mom “D” (37), Dad “M” (35), son “I” (3) and twin daughters “G’ and “S” (1). How they currently eat: A mix of both whole, homemade foods as well as plenty of convenience foods and packaged snacks. They eat out or have […]

Three Winners

In the midst of staying up way too late tying up loose ends before heading off to Blissdom tomorrow, I have three winners to announce: Winner of a signed copy of the book Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood: Michelle–  preshusnhissight@ And two winners of a Meals ePlanner, from ListPlanIt: Jessica– spriteslp@ Julie– julesa5@ If you see your name and you haven’t been contacted by me yet, please send me a quick email at stephanie (at) keeperofthehome (dot) org. Congrats, ladies! Enjoy your […]

Your Turn to Get Organized with a Meal ePlanner!

As requested, here are the closeups of some of the pages from my homemaking binder. Believe me, if you’re looking for someone’s routines and schedules to emulate, mine probably aren’t the right ones! Organizing is something I strive for, but not necessarily something I always achieve. And please always remember that when I share things like this, this is just me. Just my family, our season of life, our preferences, etc. It shouldn’t tell you the “right” way to organize your own home or time, […]

Organization in the Real Food Kitchen: Favorite Recipes Lists

My poor hubby. He really dislikes piles, and yet he married a gal who’s just a little bit “out of sight, out of mind”. Thus, I’m a piler. All through the Christmas holidays, there was one particular pile that continued to be moved around from table to table, dresser to desk, and back to the table again. I am thrilled to announce, though, that the pile is soon to be completely gone as I am nearly done my recent recipe overhaul! My recipe organization has […]

Winner of the ListPlanIt Membership Giveaway

Congratulations to… Mary Jo! (mrsmurch@) She will be receiving a 1-year Download Membership to ListPlanIt, a fantastic organizational site (see my review)! For those who didn’t win but could really use the organizing help, now is the perfect time to get your own membership. In January, I will be using my membership to help me do some serious organizing around my own home, as I work on my homemaking binder and some other projects, and I will be blogging about it. You could join me […]