Tackle Housekeeping with Your Kids

By Natalie, Contributing Writer Let’s face it, girls. Keeping the house clean probably isn’t on anybody’s top ten favorite-things-to-do list. Yet do it we must.  And the feeling you get when you survey the results (even if it only lasts for five minutes) is peaceful satisfaction. But getting the motivation to hop-to-it is hard to come by when there are so many other, more intriguing things to do.  We need an attack strategy. And if you have kids, you’ll want to get them involved in the […]

How to Keep a Clean Home: It’s all About Prevention

Written by Emily McClements, Contributing Writer We’ve been talking about a lot of different natural preventions and remedies here at Keeper of the Home over the past several weeks, but today I’m going to venture off the beaten path a little bit and talk about a different kind of prevention – around the home. We’ve all heard the saying, “An ounce of preservation is worth a pound of cure”, but I’ve come up with a little different version that I use to motivate me around […]