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Winners of Healthy Snacks to Go Ebookby  

I know you've all been waiting patiently to find out the winners of the 5 copies of Healthy Snacks to Go. Here they are: 1. Lindsey (lindsey.rene.@) "I'm so glad I stumbled across your site! It's become such a foreign... Read More

Healthy Snacks to Go Ebook: Review and a Giveawayby  

This giveaway has now ended. One area that is really tough for a lot of mamas is figuring out what kind of simple, fast and nourishing snacks they can feed their kids. Committed to whole foods myself, there are the... Read More

Real Food on a Real Budget: Using Cashby  

This week I will be running some excerpts from my new book, Real Food on a Real Budget: How to Eat Healthy for Less. They will be short selections from a few different chapters, just to give you an idea... Read More

Goals for the New Yearby  

Image by goodcatmum There's something about the New Year that offers such a fresh start. It always feel to me like a perfect time to make some changes, try something new, or set some goals for myself. I love that... Read More

Name my new book!by  

Image by iprole My new book is coming, oh yes it is! Since this summer, I have been working on what I feel is a timely book on the topic of eating a whole foods, real food diet, but doing... Read More

Book Giveaway Winnersby  

Here are the winners from the first giveaway: Paperback edition of Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time Jennifer Baker (jenniferkimbaker@) Cream of the Crop ebooks Misty (mistynewsome@) Fruitful Harvest (littlepeasinmypodforgod@) Emily Murphy (emily_murphy@) Bashtree (makeway4ducklings@) Nicole (FoundProdigalDaughter) To the... Read More

2 Year Blogiversary Celebration: What’s New and a Giveaway!by  

Image by robyn michelle-lee photography Can you believe it's been 2 years already?!? I can hardly believe that two years have gone by since I first started Keeper of the Home, but this week marks the second anniversary of my... Read More

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