Reducing Waste with Earth-Friendly Disposables

Does it seem just a little bit contradictory to suggest that you can reduce waste by choosing to use disposables? Most of the conversation so far this month on the topic of reducing waste has centered around choosing products that can be used over and over (Cutting Down on Waste in the Kitchen, Homemade Cloth Diaper Pattern and Reducing Waste by Choosing Cloth Diapers). There are times, though, when the convenience of a disposable is ideal. On trips or at celebrations like birthdays or other […]

Reducing Waste by Using Cloth Diapers

Image by mhofstrangd Post by Contributing Writer Sherrie Cook For years prior to 1961, parents used cloth diapers on their children because there was no other option. Since the 60’s, paper diapers have grown with such popularity that many moms now choose them because they, too, think there is no other option. Ten years ago I began my own personal search for a cloth diapering alternative in our modern world. I hit so many brick walls that I began to wonder if the reason was […]