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Winners for 1000th Post Party Giveaways!by  

At long last, I'm excited to announce the winners! I'm so sorry for the delay, to all those who have been anxiously waiting to find out who won. I'm a little behind in my work. Let's just say that this... Read More

Winner of the Just Bumming Around Giveaway and a Call for Guest Writersby  

I've chosen a (random) winner for the FuzziBunz diaper giveaway from Just Bumming Around, and that winner is... Cara ( She will be receiving two One-Size FuzziBunz cloth diapers, one in ChocoTruffle (shown above) and one in Watermelon. Congrats! Thanks... Read More

Keeper of the Home’s Pocket Diaper Reviewby  

Why pocket diapers? For over 4 years, I used fitted diapers with covers, and I was happy with them. Yes, they could be a bit bulky but I didn't have any major issues. They were simple to use and cost... Read More

Review and Giveaway: Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soapby  

Everytime I read it, I giggle just a little, "Thanks for using Eco Nuts- you'd be nuts to use anything else!" Truth be told, I'm nutty in so many other ways that perhaps the fact that I'm now using dried... Read More

Cloth Diaper Liners: No More Rash Overnight!by  

You may or may not remember how we've been having trouble with Caden getting rashes when we use cloth diapers overnight. We've been able to continue on with cloth in the day, but have been using more natural disposable diapers... Read More

I’m sold on the dry diaper pail!by  

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a few posts about cloth diapering (Part 1 and Part 2), and was asked by a reader about using the dry pail method. It was actually the first time it had occurred... Read More

Q&A: Cloth diapering (even for the faint of heart)- Part 2by  

If you missed the first post in this series, here's the link. Here's my basic method: Whenever I change my little guy, I toss all of the diapers and wipes into a pail beside his change table (I try to... Read More

Q&A: Cloth diapering (even for the faint of heart)- Part 1by  

I'm assuming that you cloth diaper. I would love all the info that I could get as far as your favorite methods, and the products you use. The information out there is overwhelming. I am Mama to five wonderful girls... Read More

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